Tamashii Sakura-chan (lvkyo) wrote in cnj_cocacola,
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It comes with a heavy heart...

I dunno how to really say this, but I need to drop Hyuuga Hanabi and Leon.

Hanabi was probably the only young character left in the community, and after Neji left, there was no need for her devilish antics to try and bug Tenten out of the house. She will leave on a quest to find a demonic orb in Poland. U__Ub

Leon was a spur-of-the-moment character. I love my Jungle boy, but since going to A-Kon 17 this past weekend, I can't find my reasons to keep him. He shall be missed.

Please delete BoolaByakugen and tehliddlehyuuga off your aim and LJ friends lists.

Meanwhile, Tenten will still be alive for a while longer. I won't give her up just yet.

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