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Am I Back Yet?

Not really. I'm still on pseudo-(pseudo-)extended leave. I even had to postpone all my battles on Pokemon Anime Style Battling League (don't ask :D I still <3 Pokemon with a fiery passion; and I <3 PASBL, too)!

If you want to RP, fine. Iruka needs to be exercised a bit more, so don't hesitate to IM him. Shino... is doing things. His father likes to make him work. But again--I won't be able to RP half of the time; it's a gamble. =/

My best wishes to everyone, including Aikei, chaos, nwoppertj and moonlit. Especially Aikei--Hopefully Kin-chan will make those Zetsu cookies, and you'll be able to keep them in the fridge for a month. xD
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