Angela (scarlaluna) wrote in cnj_cocacola,

Ur all too shy! D:

Okay, basically, I think the community has been getting a little slow because people aren't IMing each other enough. What I mean is that most of us are getting too shy to start a conversation with some people you're less familiar with, and that leads to no rping and less new situations and less fun.

What I'm saying is, maybe get out there and talk to somebody you've never roleplayed with? Either that, or don't be shy- we all know we're nice, awesome people and will most likely not turn you down. I'll admit, I shy away sometimes as well. It would be helpful if we could get along a little better.

This may not apply to everyone, but from what I heard, most people are having that issue. This is aaaaall just a suggestion, so don't think you have to go out and do what I say... but that would be cool because it means I have taken control of your mind briefly. :D

And there are some people who have just... well, died. :/
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