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Ur all too shy! D: [05 Oct 2006|06:33pm]

Okay, basically, I think the community has been getting a little slow because people aren't IMing each other enough. What I mean is that most of us are getting too shy to start a conversation with some people you're less familiar with, and that leads to no rping and less new situations and less fun.

What I'm saying is, maybe get out there and talk to somebody you've never roleplayed with? Either that, or don't be shy- we all know we're nice, awesome people and will most likely not turn you down. I'll admit, I shy away sometimes as well. It would be helpful if we could get along a little better.

This may not apply to everyone, but from what I heard, most people are having that issue. This is aaaaall just a suggestion, so don't think you have to go out and do what I say... but that would be cool because it means I have taken control of your mind briefly. :D

And there are some people who have just... well, died. :/
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Am I Back Yet? [17 Sep 2006|11:28am]

[ mood | stressed ]

Not really. I'm still on pseudo-(pseudo-)extended leave. I even had to postpone all my battles on Pokemon Anime Style Battling League (don't ask :D I still <3 Pokemon with a fiery passion; and I <3 PASBL, too)!

If you want to RP, fine. Iruka needs to be exercised a bit more, so don't hesitate to IM him. Shino... is doing things. His father likes to make him work. But again--I won't be able to RP half of the time; it's a gamble. =/

My best wishes to everyone, including Aikei, chaos, nwoppertj and moonlit. Especially Aikei--Hopefully Kin-chan will make those Zetsu cookies, and you'll be able to keep them in the fridge for a month. xD

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Sickness [17 Aug 2006|12:42pm]

((Hey everyone. This is the SL Rper. Currently I'm going through some rough times with my health and life and have been advised from my doctor to let go of anything that has been causing me stress. As much as I enjoy RPing SL, I have to lay off the computer for a while. I'll be absent for a week, two weeks, or maybe more. I'm so sorry...But I need to get my health back up. Much love to you all and please keep me in your prayers...))
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[10 Jul 2006|09:40pm]

Sorry folks. I'm dropping CnJ for good.

I'm more into doing my non-crack RPs and this one was too much! If you wish to chat or AIM is Hoshino Masako and my journal is the_betrayer I'm around, just not often...and...

this one no longer struck a cord of interest.

Please remove phallicfixation and the_tweedle_dee. Sai still loves Haku *♥*
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[28 Jun 2006|11:07pm]

I'm taking a hiatus. I'll be online. Do not ask me to RP, unless you are specials (VERY SPECIALS). For now, Sai and Sakon will be busy (Sakon = asleep. Likely. Sai = ...reading...or something.) I'm taking a break because I'm bored, I almost dropped Sai/Sakon that week ago when I pulled my Blindtachi from the verse, but decided I like my Sai and Sakon, just need some time away from them. ^_~ (...And I have a few people who I'd like to stick around with. ^^)

I'll be back in mid July guaranteed. After Ikasucon.

The only times I'll be on are around 9pm (EST) because I'm preparing for a con in 2 1/2 weeks. Expect pictures. ^^; >.>;

Also. Shortly I'm going to join the comm with my normal accnt. the_betrayer >.>;; so if I start posting in here with that name, its me. XD
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[17 Jun 2006|11:35am]

Okay folks. Dropping blindtachi. Was going to drop Sakon/Sai, but I still have a few things to resolve with them...I don't really have time for this comm so much...:\ And I basically abanonded Tachi as soon as I started him. So delete him from your Friends List.
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It comes with a heavy heart... [16 Jun 2006|03:04pm]

[ mood | Gomen nasai ]

I dunno how to really say this, but I need to drop Hyuuga Hanabi and Leon.

Hanabi was probably the only young character left in the community, and after Neji left, there was no need for her devilish antics to try and bug Tenten out of the house. She will leave on a quest to find a demonic orb in Poland. U__Ub

Leon was a spur-of-the-moment character. I love my Jungle boy, but since going to A-Kon 17 this past weekend, I can't find my reasons to keep him. He shall be missed.

Please delete BoolaByakugen and tehliddlehyuuga off your aim and LJ friends lists.

Meanwhile, Tenten will still be alive for a while longer. I won't give her up just yet.


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*buzy* [11 May 2006|05:40am]

HIya people...

I won't be able to RP much this week beacuse of the projects and mid terms I have, I really am late with my studies and I don't have time for RPing anymore , so I won't be on for a couple of days, hopefully I'll be able to come on soon D:

you can contact me in my Personal AIM if you guys need anything ... ChMinaAn ( OOC only please )

Love ya all

Ja Ne <3
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New Piccys [05 May 2006|12:58am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Okay... found some new pictures of Sakura Con with me and my Kakashi. (Kakashi has kitty hands!) (Hmm...) (OMG PALE HANDS X_X) (Kakashi, Iruka and their love child? (is Iruka not telling Kakashi something?)

fun times, eh?

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Belgh, [01 May 2006|12:22pm]

I've gotten too lazy to RP Tayuya and Shikatou lately. Think I'm dropping out, too.
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YAY!! [01 May 2006|12:29am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

OMG YAY!!! Contest entry for cnj!! X3

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...u.u [01 May 2006|03:02am]

[ mood | calm ]

And here is me saying I'm officaly dropping out. Yeah. I never RP Kisame anymore. Ever. D: So... I'm just going stop taking up space. u.u

I'll be around though! I could never stop RPing even if my life depended on it. SO. You'll most likely catch me RPing around. Good bye all! :D ♥


...So go ahead and unfriend Shark_Jawz seeing as I might use his journal again in the future. >> Yeah.... ♥

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Sakura Con Skit Pictures [30 Apr 2006|11:03pm]

[ mood | naughty ]

If anyone is really intrested, I have pictures of the skit me and my friends did at Sakura Con.

I think there may be some new pictures of my Iruka cosplay and my Kakashi soon. :) But for now, you all kind see the pictures of the skit.

For those that don't know, the skit was...

One day, Iruka goes to McDonalds. He finds Kakashi is working there *gasp* Then not only that Sasuke is in back... wearing a skirt? No he's just in Schoolgirl No Jutsu and being emo-ish! Then Kakashi confesses his love for Iruka. The end.

I felt like sharing :)

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Challenge deadline extended!!! [24 Apr 2006|11:43pm]

Just so you all know!!! The deadline for the icon/banner challenge has been put off until NEXT MONDAY!!! So yes v___v; you all have another week to put in your lovely icon/banner-age!! 8D!! ISN'T THAT EXCITING?!?!?!?!?!!?!!?

...Say yes or I shall hunt you all down v___v *loopy from the meds* :D LOVE YOU ALL!!! DX We look forward to seeing your entries! :D <33333

On another note v___v I will be checking journals Friday for who has or hasn't updated unless you want trouble, update :D
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[24 Apr 2006|05:59pm]

[ mood | amused ]

*laughs stupidly and runs off*

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[24 Apr 2006|10:30am]

Okay! I don't know if any of you remembered this BUT the contest duedate is today! That means you gotta get in those pretty icons and banners. I know you people made them >3<

Forgive me if they look bad ^^; Can't wait to see all of yours!
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EASTER CHALLENGE DX [12 Apr 2006|11:26am]

[ mood | easter creativity! ]


Hoi and mina are gona set it now u_u!!!!!!


To produce either an icon or a banner (using fan art or selected pictures) to best depict either a scene or your character at easter! :D

[1] No more then 3 icons/banners can be submitted
[2] Icons must be 100X100 px
[3] Banners must be 400X200 px
[4] Animated is welcomed!
[5] Only Gif and JPEG files allowed for submission
[7] Banners and Icons must be based on your character in CNJ
[8] Don't use other artists pictures without permission
[9] You can't vote for yourself!
[10] You can't vote more then twice

Any work you want to submit for the contest, please do so here, you could put it in you personal journals as long as you post a link to your icons in cnj_cocacola so that everyone is able to see your work.

Once everyone has submitted, a post will be made with you icons and banners under your name ExampleCollapse )

Everyone will then vote by commented like so:
"I vote for hoisian #2!!"

You have a max of 2 votes each! choose them wisely when the time comes u_u!!

Monday 24th April 2006

Winner will recieve a fan art banner [created by the mods] stating the winners name and the contest they won! Their icon/banner will be displayed on the community profile and praise shall be given to them u_u


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Yay Yay [08 Apr 2006|08:33pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Whoot so I figured this out finally. Only took a click of a button... the JOIN button. Whoo... that was too techinical for me.

Of course most of you people are going 'alright who the hell is this wacko...'

So here's the handy dandy form! *strikes a pose*

Name: YAODDESSI *strikes a magical girl pose* Or uhm... BlueRaine... or Sassy Lassy... *sits back down on chair* and of course none of those are my real names... so uhm... You can call me Oreo-sama I guess because...

Character: Orochimaru! A.k.a. Oreo-sama.

Other Information: What else is there to be said? I guess... because I've wanted to do this for long time... Comments that reply to this post should...

Name a fandom you know (that hopefully I know) and I'll tell you:

01. The character I first fell in love with
02. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now
03. The character everyone else loves that I don't
04. The character I love that everyone else hates
05. The character I used to love but don't any longer
06. The character I would shag anytime
07. The character I'd want to be like
08. The character I'd slap
09. A pairing that I love
10. A pairing that I despise

Of course this applies only really to animes I know. I know a lot so hopefully I'm not too worried about one coming along. I'll tell you now, don't ask about Bleach. I don't know Bleach. Don't use any Final Fantasy or Video Game things... because video games confuse me more than the join button did.

That's all. I hope you all love me <3

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Ah... [08 Apr 2006|02:20pm]

Hey, this is the Tayuya, and the Mr Nara RPer.
I don't know if I post here, but I'm just posting to let everyone know I have the cold, so I might be not as active as I've been for awhile.
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uhhhhhhhhhhhh [03 Apr 2006|12:56pm]

[ mood | blah ]

Sorta a leave of goneness. I won't be on much to rp, because I am busy with maintaining trying to at least >>; my community I am in and work. I am usually too tired to RP and not motivated enough to IM people when I want to RP. If you see me on, that means I wanna RP! Catch me before a few others do, cuz I can only do so many rps XD.


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